Woolongoon opens its gates

The magnificent Woolongoon.

GARDEN lovers were given a real treat at Woolongoon last Sunday.
From 10am an estimated crowd of 2000 people from many parts of the state and interstate attended a real garden of paradise.
The Woolongoon gardens are set on about four acres and feature all the flowers of spring along with some majestic old trees.
Friends of Abbeyfield Mortlake co-ordinated the open day, with funds raised to be contributed to the welfare and betterment of all Abbeyfield residents.
Event co-ordinator Betty Brumley said the success of the garden fair was above everyone’s expectations.
“We are still finalising the takings for the day but it appears at least $30,000 has been raised,” she said.
Ms Brumley said planning for the day began exactly 12 months ago.
“At that stage I walked the gardens with homestead owner Luki Weatherly and made one comment – wouldn’t it be nice if we could have the garden open to the public?” Ms Brumley said.
“Luki didn’t need any further prompting and immediately said yes, let’s do it – with Abbeyfield to be the beneficary.
“And the host didn’t let any of us down; Luki and her husband James are wonderful people and the garden matches their spirit.”
A visitor from Mount Gambier told The Mortlake Dispatch of their visit to the gardens.
“We had heard so much about how beautiful they were that we had to come and see for ourselves,” they said.
“It’s beyond our wildest dreams.
“We’ve only been here an hour and there is still much more to view.
“If there are gardens any better than this in the country, we haven’t seen them yet, it’s just magnificent.”
Ms Brumley said that nearly 100 people worked behind the scenes to make the occasion a success.
“There were people I didn’t even know who volunteered their services for manning stalls, food outlets and other important duties,” she said.
“Today will live in my memory forever.”

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