New face at the helm for Moyne

Fresh perspective: Moyne Shire councillors voted in councillor Mick Wolfe (right) as mayor on Tuesday, with fellow councillor Jordan Lockett entering his second term as deputy mayor.

MOYNE Shire councillors voted in fellow councillor Mick Wolfe for his inaugural term as mayor on Tuesday.

Despite former mayor Jim Doukas previously flagging his intentions to run against Cr Wolfe, he received no nominations during Tuesday’s Special Meeting.

Cr Jill Parker nominated Cr Wolfe for the role, after which he was voted in unopposed.

He said he was looking forward to representing the views of the community and continuing on with the positive efforts of the council.

“It has been a very productive and progressive year,” Cr Wolfe said.

“We have certainly improved from our position 12 months ago.”

Cr Wolfe said there were a number of positive projects for the Moyne Shire in the pipeline.

“We’ve got a great year coming ahead,” he said.

“This includes works on wind farm developments, the Mortlake pool, D.C. Farran Oval, ongoing coastal protection and the Western Victoria Livestock Exchange, which will be good news for everyone involved.”

Serving his third term on the council, Cr Wolfe said he was keen to start working towards delivering positives for the shire’s 14 main townships.

“One of our great achievements is our service to our small communities,” he said.

During his first address to council, Cr Wolfe thanked community planning officer Craig Midgley for his work over the past nine years.

“His involvement was fantastic,” he said.

Mr Midgley recently left his position for a role at the Wudinna District Council in South Australia.

Cr Wolfe said the council was in “a very strong position” and hoped his work as mayor over the next year could maintain that strength.

“I look forward to serving with the other councillors to continue that progression throughout the shire,” he said.

Lastly, Cr Wolfe thanked Cr Doukas for his work over the past year as mayor.

Reflecting on his past 12 months as mayor, Cr Doukas said it had been a positive experience.

“It hasn’t always been smooth sailing, but it certainly hasn’t been the rough waters we’ve experienced in years gone by,” he said.

“I think generally, we have come out on top.”

Cr Doukas thanked chief executive officer David Madden and other staff for their support over the past year.

“I firstly want to thank fellow councillors and staff,” he said.

“I think you are in good hands. It has been a team effort.”

The vote for deputy mayor saw Jordan Lockett and Jill Parker stand for the role.

Cr Lockett won four votes (councillors Lockett, Wolfe, Doukas and Meade) to three (councillors Parker, Smith and Ryan) to enter his second term as deputy mayor.

During the Special Meeting, councillors also unanimously voted to change the Ordinary Meeting times for 2018 from 4.30pm to 6pm, with public presentations slated for 6.30pm.

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