Club questions tree choice

Vegetation vexes: Mortlake Garden Club members (from left) Sue Murley, Andrew Harvey, Carol Evans and secretary Doug Henry are concerned a tree species planted along the streetscape’s median strip will grow too wide and shed its branches.

MORTLAKE Garden Club members have raised concerns about the choice of trees planted along the town streetscape’s median strip.

Club secretary Doug Henry said the Manchurian pear trees would be unsuitable for the strip.

He said the club believed the installed trees would grow to be “very tall” and wide and were more prone to losing their branches.

“(The planted trees) will require cutting back from the highway,” Mr Henry said.

He has since submitted a letter to the council on behalf of the club requesting it investigate the communications from the advisory committee and to the contractor and supplier to determine whether the tree species which the committee recommended was the one which was planted.

Within the letter, he also requested council consider removing and replacing the trees due to the concerns the trees would need to be regularly trimmed.

Moyne Shire Council installed the trees in October 2016 after extensive consultation with arborists and within the advisory committee.

Mr Henry said trees similar to the trees installed outside the front of the Mortlake shire offices would better suit the median strip, due to their thin and tall shape.

“We want lovely trees which enhance our town,” he said.

Manchurian pear trees can grow up to 20 metres tall and 10 metres wide.

Western District Newspapers contacted Moyne Shire Council for a response, but did not receive comments before the time of publication.

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