Youth apprehended for arson attack

Clean-up required: A fire started in the Market Square men’s toilets last week caused soot and ash to cover most of the toilet facilities, as well as extensive damage to one of the toilets and the cubicle wall.

Police apprehended a 15 year-old Mortlake male, following an arson attack at the Market Square toilets last week.

Mortlake Country Fire Authority brigade member and incident controller Mark Edwards said the fire began at about 11.40pm last Thursday evening.

Members from the Mortlake Fire Brigade attended the small blaze and brought it under control in about 15 minutes.

“It was pretty well contained,” Mr Edwards said.

Mortlake Police Leading Senior Constable Paul McLean said the arsonist started the fire in one of the men’s cubicles, with the Warrnambool Police conducting an “efficient investigation” to track down the culprit.

Police apprehended a 15 year-old male from Mortlake, who is likely to face fines and charges for criminal damage by fire.

Moyne Shire cleaners have attended the site since last Thursday to repair the damage caused, with the men’s toilets now open for use.

Shire manager of assets and contracts Darren Dumesny said works had been completed to replace the damaged toilet and cubicle wall and clean up soot and ash.

“Further works may be required depending on what we find after the cleaning is completed,” he said.

“This could be painting, plaster repair and so on.

“However, further works will need to be programmed around the busy holiday period.”

Arson attack: Mortlake Country Fire Authority brigade members quickly brought a fire started in the Market Square men’s toilets under control last Thursday evening.

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