• $15 million livestock centre in Mortlake

    MORTLAKE is set to have the largest regional livestock centre in Victoria after developers announced a $15 million centre will be built in the town. The announcement came at a meeting in Mortlake, where agents from the surrounding district including Camperdown, Hamilton, Warrnambool and Colac all met to hear the proposal. The centre’s developers are […]

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  • Fishing line behaviour could cost someone’s life

    Motorcyclists lives have again been put at risk in Mortlake with fishing line strung across the Hamilton highway.

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  • Mortlake’s book sale bonanza

    Mortlake’s Anglican parish hosted a blockbuster book sale over the weekend.

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  • A changing of the guard

    MORTLAKE Senior Citizens Club elected a new board last week at its Annual General Meeting (AGM).

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  • Rec Reserve lands an upgrade

    THE grass is always greener at the Mortlake Recreation Reserve – and now it will be at ideal playing lengths week in, week out. The Mortlake Recreation Reserve Committee took ownership of its new 72 inch front deck ride-on lawnmower this week, just in time for the start of the football season. The committee held […]

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  • Help a fellow farmer out

    MORTLAKE group fire brigades have appealed to the public for donations of fodder to support famers devastated by fires in the state’s north and east.

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