Mortlake Dispatch
Terang Gold produce only joy

TERANG Bowling Club chairman of selectors Barry Stonehouse admits he has been left scratching his head at the underachieving performances of the club’s Saturday pennant sides.

The four teams have failed to fire so far this season, winning just four, three, five and six times in 13 matches across the four grades.

It is a problem that Stonehouse said he has run out ideas to fix, adding a combination of poor performances and an inability to get the mix right may have compounded their woes.

“It’s been a very disappointing year for all teams,” he said.

“We’ve underachieved I think personally and we’re just not bowling consistent enough across all grades.”

Last Saturday, the club’s top side suffered a heart-breaking 87-86 loss to arch rivals Mortlake Blue, in a game that went down to the wire at Mortlake.

The result could have gone either way with Terang holding a one shot lead at the start of the last end having secured six shots to erase Mortlake’s lead just moments before.

With the game on the line, it was the home side who emerged victorious, claiming two shots on the final end to win by the narrowest of margins.

“It was disappointing again,” Stonehouse said.

“We had our chances, but Mortlake are hard to beat there.”

Despite the loss, Stonehouse said there were some positives, pointing out Jamie Heffernan’s rink’s performance as pleasing.

Heffernan led his quartet back from a 17-1 deficit to lose by six shots to Darren Grant, while Stonehouse was also impressed with Dan Morrison’s 26-14 win over George Draffen and Andrew Taylor’s 19-16 win against David McNicol.

With five rounds remaining and with Terang sitting eighth on the table, Stonehouse said the thought of relegation has entered his mind but added his side was in control of their own destiny.

Port Fairy Red (home), Warrnambool Gold (away), City Red (home), Dennington Red (away) and Timboon Gold (home) all stand in Terang’s way, with Stonehouse identifying wins as the only way to secure their division one future.

“Without a doubt it has (entered my mind) with only 15 points between Mortlake and us,” he said.

“We have to start winning more games and there’s no better way to start than against Port Fairy this weekend.”

In the lower divisions, Terang Gold emerged victorious in its match, downing Koroit White 78-72 in division two at Terang.

Ron Mills (30-20) and Ray Bond (31-17) secured victories in their matches, while Roy Flintham (35-17) was defeated.

In division three, Terang Blue lost 71-62 to Dennington Green at Dennington.

Patrick O’Connor (25-19) salvaged two points for his side, while Erle Dakin (26-23) and John Keane (26-14) were both defeated.

And in division four, Terang Red went down to City Maroon 58-37 at City Memorial.

Terrence Fidge drew his rink 27-27 and Harold Elford lost 30-11.

In this weekend’s matches, Terang Gold and Terang Red face Mortlake White and Mortlake Gold at Mortlake while Terang Blue hosts Koroit Green.

Selected teams for Saturday pennant round 14 on January 26:

Terang Green vs Port Fairy Red at home.

D. Morrison (s), K. Lee, D. Henriksen, N. Uebergang;

J. Heffernan (s), K. Johnson, J. Staunton, T. Rees;

B. Stonehouse (s), Jack Fowler, T. Heffernan, B. Kenna;

J. Gherashe (s), A. Taylor, D. Twaddle, P. Thompson.

Terang Gold vs Mortlake White away.

R. Bond (s), K. Densley, B. Francis, L. Meade;

R. Mills (s), C. Cardwell, J. Meade, C. Kenshole;

R. Flintham (s), P. Templeton, M. Lynam, D. Forrester.

Terang Blue vs Koroit Green at home.

J. Keane (s), R. Ross, T. Lackie, G. Downie;

C. Pearson (s), A. Lackie, A. Bell, Jenny Fowler;

E. Daikin (s), J. Fidge, M. Bond, S. Hampson.

Terang Red vs Mortlake Gold away.

H. Elford (s), J. Milroy, D. Miller, J. Bell;

T. Fidge (s), G. Arkinstall, A. Flintham, G. Pearson.

A new season of corporate cup has commenced at Terang Bowling Club.

Week one winners in the competition were Landscape Larrikins (+25) from Croquet Musketeers (+19).

Round two held on Monday night saw Croquet Musketeers (+20) take the honours from Fernlea Park Pranksters (+18) and Noorat Farmers (+10).

Top three teams on the ladder after two rounds all share four points, with Croquet Musketeers (+39) leading the way thanks to shot difference ahead of Fernlea Park Pranksters (+23) and Gallopers (+20).