Mortlake Dispatch
Youth representatives make way for new blood

MORTLAKE’S Jackson Boyden and Taine De Manser have bid farewell to a significant part of their lives, after ending their terms on the Moyne Shire Youth Council earlier this week.

The Moyne Shire Youth Council hosted a changeover on Monday evening at the Mortlake Community Centre and Library.

The event saw Jackson Boyden, Taine De Manser, Morgan Barby, Montaya Young, Cassidy Waller, Tessa Dempsey and Kailyn Edney depart from the youth council.

Mr Boyden spent a three-year term on the youth council, while Mr De Manser was on the youth council for two years.

The newly inducted youth council consisted of Ali McKenzie, Guan Bright, Kiara Esh, Hannah Van Der Aa and Terri Williams.

Shire manager of recreation and community development Jacquie Anderton said the aim of the youth council was to encourage “strong youth leadership that helps to develop connected (and) vibrant communities”.

“The youth council members are reviewing their role and objectives for the coming year, with the purpose of making the program one that engages more broadly with community and with older youth,” she said.

The newly-inducted youth council have already started work on a number of projects, including facilitating the Reach Foundation to conduct youth workshops across the region and initiatives to investigate the impact of gender stereotypes on peer relationships.

Achievements of the departing youth councillors have included creating photo filters to highlight the negative impacts of bullying and installing panels in Panmure detailing the story of the floods in 2011 which devastated the community.

Ms Anderton said as young people are part of the community, it was important to ensure they had a say on its ongoing development.

“It’s important that all sectors of a community have the skills and opportunity to make their home feel good to live in,” she said.