Mortlake Dispatch
Works control weeds at Tea Tree Lake

MOYNE Shire Council has requested contractors currently removing cumbungi weeds and carrying out weed control procedures to stop burn offs.

Shire director of infrastructure and environment Trevor Greenberger said Mortlake P-12 College made a request to council to not carry out burns during school hours after works on Monday saw plumes of smoke drift into the air from burns on the island in the centre of the lake.

During works on Monday and Tuesday, the contractors carried out a small burn to dispose of the green waste.

The council requested for the contractors to not carry out further burns to avoid further disruption.

Mr Greenberger said the cumbungi removal from the lakebed involved digging deep into the roots.

“The deeper you go and the less light gets to them, the less cumbungi will grow,” he said.

“We’ve been burying some of it on the island.”

The works also included weed treatment on the island in the centre of Tea Tree Lake.

The cumbungi removal program was part of the next stage of the Tea Tree Lake Master Plan, which would also see continued works on the reserve’s skate park and the installation of fitness equipment.

Moyne Shire previously removed the majority of cumbungi at the reserve in 2017.

Cumbungi is known to reduce water quality, restrict the growth of other vegetation and provide habitat in which vermin can breed.

“We do intend to carry out a maintenance program every year,” Mr Greenberger said.

Works are scheduled to finish at the end of this week.