Mortlake Dispatch
Sanctions for speeding and suspended drivers

A MORTLAKE man has had his vehicle impounded after police found his licence was suspended.

On Friday, August 16, police intercepted the driver on Terang-Mortlake Road in Kolora.

After discovering he was driving with a suspended licence, police impounded his Holden Astra for a fee of $1325.

The driver will face further charges and sanctions during a later court date.

In other police news, Mortlake Police apprehended a Melbourne driver who was recorded driving more than 40 kilometres over the speed limit last Thursday, August 15.

Mortlake Police Acting Sergeant Paul McLean said the driver was intercepted at about 6.26am driving a white Toyota Land Cruiser at 148 kilometres per hour in a 100 kilometre per hour zone along the Hamilton Highway.

“The reason the driver gave for speeding was that he was going to be late for a meeting,” he said.

“You are better being 15 minutes late than 15 minutes dead.

“Slow down and you will not waste money or your driving privilege.”

Police impounded the vehicle with a fee of $1295, with the driver set to face court at a later date, with the minimum penalty set to be a loss of licence for 12 months.