Mortlake Dispatch
New document now available for LGBTIQ+ community

PEOPLE within the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ+) community can now choose to communicate how they identify themselves via a new document.

A National LGBTI Health Alliance initiative, the Genders, Bodies and Relationships Passport is now available at the Terang and Mortlake Health Service (TMHS).

The passport is a tool to allow for clear communication between individuals and organisations on topics related to their genders, bodies and relationships.

The document is designed to promote the best possible care for people who have historically faced mistreatment or exclusion on the basis of their genders and bodies.

People who may be interested in seeking the passport may include women and men of trans experience, people who do not identify as women or men and people with bodies which are not recognised in stereotypes of male or female.

To request a passport, contact TMHS health promotion officer Laura Stevenson on 5592 0301 or

The passports are free to access and will be distributed in a confidential manner.

For more information, visit