Mortlake Dispatch
Young family escapes destructive fire

WHAT was meant to be a relaxing Sunday night after a city trip turned into a disaster for a young Mortlake family earlier this week.

Mortlake Police Leading Senior Constable Paul McLean said the owners of a Hamilton Highway residence, which is located between Six Mile Lane and Eight Mile Lane, returned home at 9.20pm last Sunday night, started a wood fire and turned on a number of electrical heaters.

“Later in the night the smoke alarms went off,” he said.

“The main bedroom was fully engulfed in flames.”

The couple quickly evacuated with their two young children and contacted authorities at about 11pm.

Ldg Snr Const McLean said the fire spread quickly and destroyed the majority of the house.

“Unfortunately, it got into the roof and the house couldn’t be saved,” he said.

“The good thing is no one is injured.

“The family is grateful to all the assistance provided so far.”

Ldg Snr Const McLean said the likely cause was an electrical fault.

“The fire is deemed to be non-suspicious,” he said.

Mortlake Country Fire Authority brigade captain Tony Spoore said eight brigades attended the blaze which stretched into Monday morning, including Mortlake, Noorat, Terang, Wooriwyrite and Warrnambool.

“It took us several house to get it under control,” he said.

“It was a challenging fire fight.

“Our brigade didn’t leave the scene until about 7am.”

Mr Spoore said the incident highlighted the importance of smoke alarms and regularly checking batteries.