Mortlake Dispatch
Record yarding for Western Victoria Livestock Exchange

RECORDS tumbled at the Western Victoria Livestock Exchange (WVLX) March store sale last week.

WVLX yarded 6018 cattle, smashing its previous largest yarding of around 4700. 

WXLV manager Tim Nowell said the sale went off “without a hitch.” 

“We have certainly had our fair share of critics who like to sink the boot in and have said we couldn’t handle those kinds of numbers but we proved what this facility is designed to do,” he said. 

“We thank the vendors for supporting us as we’ve had a lot of first time vendors supporting us.

“One of the reasons for that is because this is the best animal welfare facility in Australia. We want to do something more than just push numbers through and our focus is on accommodating the welfare of the animals.”

Mr Nowell said prices on the day were “exceptional” considering what prices have been in recent months.

“With prices being what they were I think there are a lot of happy people out there,” he said.

Mr Nowell said while there was not a large crowd due to the current preventative measures against the COVID-19 pandemic, there were still plenty of buyers eager to get in on the action.