Mortlake Dispatch
Will Berryman nails every golfers’ dream

MORTLAKE golfer Will Berryman could not believe his luck when he achieved golf’s rarest feat on Saturday.

The 22 year-old recorded his first ace when he scored a hole-in-one on Mortlake Golf Club’s 122 metre par three ninth hole.

Berryman and his playing partners Jack Lehmann, Henry Kain and Ash Macklin could not believe what transpired as they watched the ball drop in.

“I was the second last to tee-off and when I hit it I thought it was going well past the hole and into the trees,” Berryman said.

“But it landed about five foot past the hole on a downhill slope and it started to roll back in really slowly down the slope.

“We didn’t think it was going to go in but it just kept rolling and then dropped in.

“We started screaming uncontrollably when it did go in and we all started high-fiving, it was just five minutes of being absolutely ecstatic.”

Word quickly filtered around the course about Berryman’s perfect shot.

He said “everyone couldn’t believe it” while he too could still not grasp what had occurred as he started his back nine.

Eventually he regathered himself to finish the round and also win the club’s C grade field.

Berryman said the C grade victory was an added bonus to an already special day.

 “I said to everyone I couldn’t have cared if I lost 10 balls for the rest of the day, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hit a hole-in-one,” he said.

“It was even better to win C grade, that’s still an achievement in itself, but the hole-in-one was all I needed to make my day.

“I was so excited for the first four or five holes of the back nine, I wasn’t playing properly because I just couldn’t stop thinking about it.”

Berryman said he felt lucky to have nailed golf’s most-sought achievement, particularly at a young age.

He has only been playing competitively for six months despite playing for close to “10 to 12 years” and is regularly playing throughout the winter after the football season was cancelled.

 “Most people that play a lot of serious golf don’t get the chance to hit one or only hit one in their lifetime,” Berryman said.

“To be a 22 year-old guy hitting one in front of a couple of your best mates is once-in-a-lifetime and one I’ll cherish forever.”