Mortlake Dispatch
Dalvui lights up for first time in 2020

DALVUI Raceway held its opening harness meet of the new year with a nine race card on January 2.

The night began with outside chances claiming impressive victories before order was restored when favourites eventually saluted in over half of the races.

Local reinsmen Jason Lee and Tim McLean were both repeat winners on the sulky as was James Herbertson.

Trainer Steven Fennell bookended the card while Margaret Lee also picked up a pair of winners.


Race one: 1st Bezza (trainer Steven Fennell, driver Jason Lee) $25.90, 2nd Blissfull Lilly (Matthew Horsnell, Matthew Horsnell), 3rd Rollinjacksrainbow (Margaret Lee, Paddy Lee).

Race two: 1st Marks Joy (Barry Beasley, Barry Beasley) $22.50, 2nd Creative Lad (Jim Barker, Jackie Barker), 3rd Samara Cash (Michael Glynn, Jason Glynn).

Race three: 1st Rosarito Beach (A.J. and B.J. Tindale, James Herbertson) $3.00, 2nd Imagoldcloud (Michael Barry, Ash Warton), 3rd Shark Luck (Colin Holloway, Brett Holloway).

Race four: 1st Chief Safari (Noel Hill, James Herbertson) $2.70 favourite, 2nd Kempseys Delight (Kenneth Taylor Jr, Denbeigh Wade), 3rd Miss Chianti (Tony Bond, Michael Bellman).

Race five: 1st Jilliby Lorenzo (Margaret Lee, Glen Craven) $2.30 favourite, 2nd Radius (David Barbetti, David Barbetti), 3rd Crowded Reactor (Rebecca East, Matthew Craven).

Race six: 1st Shady Azz (Aaron Dunn, Aaron Dunn) $4.20, 2nd The Big End Oftown (Tim Bolitho, Michael Bellman), 3rd Yappas Courage (David Kemp, David Murphy).

Race seven: 1st Keayang Livana (Margaret Lee, Jason Lee) $2.40 favourite, 2nd Im Notta Trotter (Brooke Sadler, Brooke Sadler), 3rd Mah Mukker (E. Brosnan and R.J. Brosnan, Glen Craven).

Race eight: 1st Nancys Boy (Jeff McLean, Tim McLean) $2.20 favourite, 2nd Majestic Cruiser (Geoff Webster, James Herbertson), 3rd Rule Of Thumb (Tim Bolitho, Jason Lee).

Race nine: 1st Elizabethan Era (Steven Fennell, Jason Lee) $1.60 favourite, 2nd Wroy (David Drury, David Drury), 3rd Lightning Bluechip (Bruce McSween, Xavier O’Connor).